Urine collection for urine microscopy and culture

3.1.1 Objective:

Urine culture is a simple examination that is used to make a definitive diagnosis of a urinary tract infection.

3.1.2 Sampling recommendation:

To be done before any antibiotic treatment and, if possible, 3 or 4 hours after the last void.

– Wash hands.

– Clean the area carefully using disinfectant wipes provided by the laboratory or using an antiseptic soap.

– Discard the first stream into the toilet.

– Open the sterile vial provided by the laboratory and collect 10 to 35 ml of mid-stream urine in it. Carefully close the vial.

– Label the vial with your first and last names if this was not done by the laboratory. Record the time and date of the collection.

If the collection was made outside the laboratory, bring the sample to the lab as soon as possible within the hour. This sample may be kept in the refrigerator (+4° C) for a maximum of 3 hours

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