Urethral sample

7.1.1 Conditions

 No antibiotic treatment; otherwise a drug holiday of 48 to 72 hours must be respected.

7.1.2  Technique

In case of discharge, perform a urethral swab; if there is no discharge, perform a first morning urine collection.  Acute urethritis

There may be secretions present in the morning. If so, collect it using a sterile swab.

If not:

– clean the penis with Dakin’s solution or benzalkonium chloride;

– squeeze the penis from the proximal to the distal end;

– collect the drop on two sterile swabs;

– use one of the swabs to make a smear on a microscope slide;

– take everything to the laboratory. Chronic urethritis

If there is no discharge, recommend that a first morning urine collection be done in a sterile bottle for a Chlamydia work-up, which is carried out as follows:

– Using a marking pen, mark the filling level of the bottle (close to 1/3).

– Set out 2 swabs of benzalkonium chloride or Dakin’s solution, gauze dressing and several milliliters of sterile normal saline for rinsing after disinfection.

– The patient should wash his hands.

– Disinfect the penis with the benzalkonium chloride.

– Rinse using the gauze dressing soaked with sterile normal saline.

– Collect 8 to 15 ml of the first morning urine upon waking (line marked on the bottle).

– Label the bottle if it was not done by the laboratory and take it to the laboratory as soon as possible.

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