Throat sample

7.1.1 Conditions

 Preferably no current antibiotic therapy and patient is fasting.

7.1.2 Technique

Several swabs (at least two) are needed to perform the direct exam and then be cultured.

– The patient should open his/her mouth and stick out the tongue.

–  Light the area with the exam lamp.

– Open up the buccal cavity using a tongue depressor.

– Using a swab, scrape the tonsils on both sides, the pharyngeal mucosa or any area with inflammation, and avoid touching the tongue, the cheek mucosa and the reflexogenic areas.

– If possible, make a slide smear during the specimen collection (investigation of fusospirochetal association in Vincent’s disease).

– For the investigation of diphtheria bacillus, remove the pseudomembrane and swab beneath it.

-Record the appearance of the tonsils.

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