Certain tests (specialized histopathologic and biochemistry) are not done onsite. They are subcontracted to Cerba laboratory, which was selected and evaluated by Laboratoire Bio 24.

The preparation and shipping of the samples is done by Laboratoire Bio 24. When a test is subcontracted, the patient is informed during the contract review.

Conditions to be respected for subcontracted samples collected in another facility:

 – Tissue samples (biopsies, excision pieces): they must be immediately fixed in 10% formaldehyde. If this is not done, notify the laboratory. The histopathology request form must be filled out.

– Pap smear: only the monolayer smear technique is accepted. Contact the laboratory for the sampling material if necessary. The date of the last menstrual period and contraceptive treatment should be noted.

– Puncture fluid for histopathology and cytology: should be collected in 10% formaldehyde; if this is not done, collect it in a lab tube without additives and take it to the laboratory as soon as possible.

– Specialized biochemistry sampling: notify the laboratory before the sampling.

NB: All samples that are sent to the laboratory should be labeled with the patient’s last name, first name, date of birth and the time and date the sample was taken.

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