Sputum collection

3.1.1 Objective:

The aim is to investigate and/or isolate common microorganisms or acid-fast bacillus (AFB)

 3.1.2 Sampling recommendations

– No antibiotic therapy, or 48 hours after its discontinuation

– No cigarettes

– Remove dental prosthetic if present

– In the morning, fasting

– Brush teeth and rinse the mouth

– Forced cough

– Collect the expectorate in the sterile vial provided by the laboratory

– Label the vial with the first and last names and the number if there are several vials

NB: For AFB investigation, the vial must be kept refrigerated (72 hours maximum) if it is impossible to take it immediately to the laboratory.

For the investigation of common microorganisms, drop the vial off in the morning.

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