Sperm collection

3.1.1 Objective:

This sample is taken for the study of all sperm parameters. It should preferably be done at the laboratory.

3.1.2 Sampling recommendation

The sample should be obtained through masturbation, after 3 to 5 days of sexual abstinence. If necessary, ask for a condom at the laboratory (patient who cannot collect the sperm through masturbation).

– Wash hands thoroughly with soap.

– Wash the glans of the penis with a disinfectant wipe provided by the laboratory.

– Perform masturbation and collect all of the ejaculate in the sterile vial provided by the laboratory (do not lose any of the sample or else mention it during the registration of the file).

– Label the vial with your first and last names if this was not done by the laboratory. Record the time and date of the collection.

NB: To be done preferably at the laboratory ++

If the vial is to be transported to the laboratory, it should be kept at 37°C during the transport and brought in less than 30 minutes.