Semen sample

7.1.1 Semen culture Conditions:

Preferably no current antibiotic therapy. Technique

– Empty the bladder before the semen collection.

– Thoroughly clean the hands and the glans of the penis with the Dakin’s solution, then with the normal saline.

– Mechanically collect the sperm through masturbation in the sterile container provided.

– Label with first and last name if it was not done by the laboratory and take it to the laboratory as soon as possible.

NB: Sexual intercourse is allowed but using a condom without spermacide or lubricant; sampling can also be done at home before being taken to the laboratory within one hour.

 7.1.2 Semen analysis  Conditions:

–  Abstinence: the collection should be done after a minimum of three days and a maximum of five days of sexual abstinence.

– The sampling should be done at the laboratory if possible between 8:00 and 9:00 am; if not, bring it to the laboratory within minutes following the collection and record the time.

– A condom without spermacide or lubricant that is provided by the laboratory may be used.

NB: To be done preferably at the laboratory Technique

– Wash hands with soap.

– Clean the glans of the penis with Dakin’s solution and then rinse with sterile normal saline.

– Mechanically collect all the semen in the sterile container.

– the sampling is not done in the laboratory, take it to the laboratory while keeping the container against the body (inside a coat for example).

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