This is a worksheet that is printed after registration of the file.

This worksheet includes:

 – Last name, first name and maiden name

– Date of birth

– Patient’s telephone

– Date and time of file registration

– File number

– Operating number of the employee that registered the file

– Physician’s name and telephone number

– Method of payment (covered by third party or cash settlement)

– List of tests to be done

– Name of person taking the samples

– Labels with barcode including the tests to be done by group of tests + last name, first name, date of birth, sex, file number, registration time, name of person taking the sample

– Label to affix to the prescription including the name of the lab, telephone number, e-mail address, patient’s first and last names, time and date of file registration

– Label including last name, first name, patient’s date of birth, date for test results to be returned, the suffix (T, D, M, U etc.) and the patient’s calling number

– Label including the patient number + last name, first name and date of birth of the patient to be affixed to a card and returned to the patient

– Other labels including last name, first name, date of birth, sex, file number, time of registration, number of the person taking the sample, but without test.

After the sample is taken, the labels with bar codes should be affixed to the samples according to the test group.

The sampling sheet provides information that should be taken into account by the person taking the sample for correct monitoring. Example: a sheet with the suffix “U” means that the test is urgent.

The other suffixes should be given consideration by the post-analytical process technicians:

The suffix “T”: To telephone

The suffix “D”: To leave at the patient’s house

The suffix “M”: To leave with the doctor

The suffix “E”: To send by e-mail

The suffix “F”: To send by fax

The suffix “P”: To send mail

Introduction Sample manuel

List of laboratory tests

Consent forms


Urines sample collection procedures

Urgent sample

Skin and appendage samples

Subcontracted tests

Manegement of sempling incident

Manegemtn of blood exposure

Medical Monitoring form Medical

Sample sheet

Sample transport

Waste disposal

Additional tests

Sample storage