SAMPLING MANUAL – Introduction

Bio 24 is a medical biology laboratory that operates 24 hours a day for emergency interventions.
Bio 24’s technological platform enables it to carry out tests in:
– Biochemistry
– Hematology and Immunohematology
– Microbiology
– Infectious serology
– Tumor markers
– Reproductive hormones
– Spermatology
Certain specialized tests are subcontracted to Cerba Laboratory in France:
– Histopathologic exams (cervical/vaginal smear and biopsy)
– Genetics
– Specialized biochemistry
Medical laboratory testing begins in the pre-analytical phase, when the biologist takes the patient’s clinical condition into account and assists in the choice of tests. It concludes with the post-analytical phase, when the biologist communicates the validated and interpreted results to the clinicians.
The pre-analytical phase is therefore an essential phase in the performance of medical laboratory tests, and it is important that it is skillfully done.
The samples used for the analyses done at Laboratoire Bio24 come from:
– Specimens taken at the laboratory
– Specimens taken outside the laboratory (homes, clinics, hospitals) by employees from the laboratory
– Specimens taken outside the laboratory (clinics and hospitals) by employees from these facilities
-Samples collected by the patients themselves (e.g. stool, urine, sputum)
The objective of this manual is to provide useful information to patients, healthcare workers and clinicians for the collection of laboratory samples intended for analyses.

Introduction Sample manuel

List of laboratory tests

Consent forms


Urines sample collection procedures

Urgent sample

Skin and appendage samples

Subcontracted tests

Manegement of sempling incident

Manegemtn of blood exposure

Medical Monitoring form Medical

Sample sheet

Sample transport

Waste disposal

Additional tests

Sample storage