Performing a pinworm or ‘sticky tape’ test

3.1.1 Objective:

This test is done to demonstrate the presence of pinworm eggs (intestinal worms), which are very common in children, are highly contagious, and which cause itching and sleep disturbance.

 3.1.2 Sampling recommendation

To be done upon rising in the morning before going to the toilet and the first stool:

– Remove a piece of tape from its backing

– Apply the adhesive side to the unfolded anal edge and keep it there by applying pressure for several seconds

– Remove the tape and lay it on the mounting (microscope slide) provided by the laboratory.

– Repeat the operation with the second piece of tape

– Return the 2 slides to the case

– Label the case with your first and last names if this was not done by the laboratory and bring it to the laboratory as soon as possible.

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