Genital ulcerations

The work-up for this etiology must be guided by the clinical symptoms:

 – Syphilis chancres are 5 to 20 mm in diameter, and they have an indurated base and sharp borders. They often occur alone and are completely painless.

– The soft chancre due to Haemophilus ducreyi has a smooth, edematous base and irregular borders.  In one-third of cases, the ulcerations are multiple and are the result of self-inoculation. These ulcerations are painful.

– Ulcerations of herpetic origin are also painful and multiple but are smaller and develop from vesicles.


 – Soak the gauze dressing in sterile normal saline.

– Clean the ulceration.

– Using a sterile lancet, leak out the serous fluid from the chancre without making it bleed.

– Obtain a swab sample and take it to the laboratory.

Syphilis serology is very often added for making differential diagnoses.

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