Prélévements externes

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Externals sampling

The samples are placed in a rack and then in a box and are taken regularly to the laboratory.

Sampling done outside the laboratory by the laboratory employees.

Our employees carry out sampling at patients’ homes, in clinics and in hospitals.

The triple packaging system is used with the following labeling provisions and standards:

– The primary containers are tubes, bottles and swab holders, which are all watertight. These containers are labeled with the patient’s last name and first name + the time of sampling.

— The secondary container is a pouch with 2 compartments: one compartment intended for the primary containers and the second compartment for the prescription.

Sampling done outside the laboratory by hospital and clinic employees

If needed, collections can be done in the healthcare units upon request (telephone call to the laboratory secretariat). In this case, the samples are taken charge of once they leave the facility of origin and at their arrival in the laboratory in order to ensure a deadline that is in accordance with the needs of the technique.

NB: The specimens that are collected and sent by the healthcare units to the laboratory should be handled according to the clauses of the agreement between the two facilities.

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