Expectoration of tracheobronchial secretions

The conditions and the technique are described in the “Recommendations” chapter

Expectoration sampling is the collection of the purulent exudates produced by the inflamed bronchial tree during a forced cough. The causative microorganism of the infection needs to be identified by reducing, as much as possible, the influence of the oropharyngeal flora.

The patient should be informed of the purpose of the test so that he/she attempts to produce mucus and not saliva.

To do so, the sputum should be collected:

– in the morning upon awakening: this enables the mucus that accumulated during the night to be collected in a sterile jar;

– after rinsing the mouth with pure water in order to eliminate part of the oropharyngeal flora before the sample collection;

– using a deep forced cough; the mucus is placed in the jar while avoiding saliva;

– the sample should be brought as soon as possible to the laboratory or kept in the refrigerator to avoid the growth of commensal microorganisms in the jar.

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